Cosmo Caixa, Barcelona

Last week I was lucky enough to go and look at Cosmo Caixa science centre in Barcelona.

Ammonite with trail where it has been dragged along before death

Ammonite with trail where it has been dragged along before death

This is an incredible museum that aims to make science understandable and exciting. When you first enter the museum you are led down a large spiral glass walkway. You follow a plastic tube that represents geological time, after a long distance you finally get to some very primitive fossils.

Next you enter a large building where the main exhibition is. At one end of the building is a life size rainforest with an incredible array of plants and animals. It even rains every ten minutes! The rest of the space is a hands-on science centre and museum. There was a really good balance of science and interest, with the proper scientific terms being used and the space didn’t feel like a kids playground.

One of the highlights was the natural sciences collections. They were divided into themes such as shape. The geology was displayed in a very uncluttered way focusing on key specimens that told a story. Another highlight was the geology wall where sections from quarry walls had been transplanted into the museum in 15 metre square blocks! At every stage the science was presented in a way that provoked thought and questioning.

Well worth a visit if you are in Barcelona.

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