Is mammoth cloning on the cards?

An unlikely cloning story could have major implications for the possibility of cloning mammoths.

For years, mammoths have been found frozen in the permafrost of Russia. Frozen MammothThe mammoths are over 10,000 years old and flesh, hair, skin and bone are all preserved.

The significance of this story is that animals were cloned form mice that had been frozen for 16 years. The logical extension of this, is that frozen remains of older animals  including extinct animals such as mammoths, might also be cloned. Significant problems with decay of frozen DNA remain, but more importantly the question should not be can we do it, but should we do it?

It is one thing to contemplate brining back something like the Dodo which was driven to extinction by human causes, but another thing to bring back life that has become extinct for entirely natural reasons.

Let me know what you think.


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