Would you like to be a museum hermit?

The Manchester Museum is advertising for a hermit to live in its Gothic tower for 6-8 weeks in the Summer of 2009.

Hogwarts or is it the museum?

Hogwarts or is it the museum?

We are looking for an inspirational  and quirky artist who will bring the tower to life through their work. Anyone with an arts or performance background can apply.

The hermit will have access to the collection of 4.5 million objects, the staff and the galleries prior to their isolation. They will be encouraged  to communicate with the outside world through a variety of means, so that the wider world can be involved in the project.

If you would like to apply to be the hermit or know of anyone who would, please leave a comment below and I can send you the brief.

I’ll keep you updated as it should be one of the most exciting an fun things to happen at the museum in years!

Happy Christmas!

Please note: We are not taking any more applications, thanks.


36 Responses

  1. If they’re encouraged to communicate with the outside world, surely they’re not a hermit…

    Sorry. Merry Christmas!

    • It is physically a hermit, but I see you point. Are you going to apply, will Bolton Museum let you on a secondment?

      Happy Christmas

  2. It might be a nice little break, I’ll need it by the summer!

  3. hello mr. gelsthorpe,

    i’m interested in applying for the tower position.

    i do believe it would benefit us both.

    my website is attached to this email.

    cheers and merry christmas

    malaika charbonneau

  4. this would suit me down to the ground

  5. I am a quirky expressive artist. How do I apply?

  6. I’d love to apply for this! Please send me the info? Thanks!

  7. What a fantastic idea! I’m a visual artist, from Canada. Are you considering foreigners at all?

    If so, I’d love to know more about this.

  8. hello,
    i was told about this project, proceeded to look it up on the internet to try to find out details, but the information on line is very slim. i am extremely interested in the project., but would like to know more about it.

    i am a mixed media artist as they say – although the media i tend to mix are painting and writing; this takes the form of many different aspects. within the last year alone i have been working on paintings (generally oils due to their versatility), an extended poetry collection, several short stories, out-door “urban art” in abandoned sites (creating beauty from amongst the sacred geometry of the forgotten spaces) as well as illustrations for a comic novel and so on… why i tell you all this is so that you see that despite the seemingly limited breadth of my artist endevours i always try to both link them all up (i still find it hard to distinguish clearly in my mind between different art forms in terms of their meaning and impetus) and keep them alive in a modern and exciting sense.
    i would very much appreciate the full details of the project., if you could send them to me,. my email is richardhardingesq@gmail.com.,
    i’m not sure what you were looking for on this response, but i think that i would be perfect for the project and the project would be perfect for me….

    i look forwards to hearing from you.,

    kind regards.


  9. Sounds like a challenge, could i have a copy of the brief.

  10. Would love to apply for the project, I do fine art and my hobbies include philosophy, physics and general pondering of current and past problems.
    I have several theories already, you may laugh at some of them but some are in my eyes anyway quite good.
    I am good at communication in several ways i.e. the internet and text (written).
    I also spend quite a lot of time on my own already thinking about solutions to problems, currently I am trying to design a new motor that will make power generation more efficient.
    Please consider me for the project.


    W. Ellis

  11. I am interested, could i have a copy aswell please.

  12. I first became aware of the ‘hermit’ position when it was mentioned on north-west tonigt (Mon 5th January). I am slightly confused as the segment on the news said that the ‘hermit’ would be expected to write about environmental issues and the website says the ‘hermit’ will be creating arts. Please could you send me a copy of the brief. I am a writer and feel that the experiance could be valuable to myself, the university and the wider public.

    Happy new year
    Matthew J. Hockey

  13. Hello David

    I would love to be considered to the Manchester Museum Hermit.
    I am a musician and think that everything can be perceived through music. It is more than the universal language. I think it communicates the meaning of life, but unfortunately we only understand it at it’s surface value.

    Since childhood I have been a day dreamer with a broad open mind, and love my own company.

    Thank you for your time, cheers and take care.


  14. can you send me the brief for this in-house hermit project? it’d be quite an easy accomplishment, i should imagine.

  15. im from an acting/dance background! i dont have a fancy website with all my work but when i heard this advertised on the news today i thought it was an outstanding idea and an experience that i personaly would love to be considered for!
    We need more difference for a better change!
    all the best for 2009!

  16. Hello Mr. Gelsthorpe,

    I am very interested in this project and would love a copy of the brief. It is so great that such an opportunity like this exists!


    Jonathan Brown

  17. Hi, herd about your project on the news, this sort of life style would suit me very well please send more imformation.

    Look forward to hearing from you.

  18. I could do with a break =D, id like a copy of the brief.

  19. I’m interested.

    You get more ‘bang for your buck’, so to speak, as I’m both an artist and scientist.

    What a great opportunity to actually think.

  20. Hello, this sounds like a very interesting project, would you kindly send me some more information.



  21. young canadian. take a chance on me.
    how do i apply?

  22. Greetings from Guelph Ontario, Canada.
    What a wonderful and extraordinary opportunity, and a delight to think that the Museums “Powers That Be” gave the concept a Green Light – HOORAY for lateral thinking and imagination unleashed!

    I am a mixed media assemblage artist – a maker of Memory Boxes, from jewellery scale to room sized environments, that tell tales real and imagined from found, manipulated, and created objects and detritus; of those things precious to none but those who resonate with the stories that objects manifest within our hopes and dreams.

    I would be greatly appreciative for any information available towards applying for the position. My sincere thanks in advance,
    Eric Montgomery

  23. Hello. I’m very interested. Please send me the brief. Thank you.

  24. Sounds quite intriguing. Please send me the brief. Thank you.

  25. I would love the opportunity to apply.

    Thank You

  26. Hello Mr. Gelsthorpe,

    I am writing on behalf of an interested party who would like to submit an application for this artist in residency opportunity.

    If you would kindly forward the submission details to the attached email that would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you very much,

    C. Papantoniou

  27. HI there I am extremely interested in applying for this position, as I am virtually a hermit anyway!!! I am part of a group called ‘simplefilm’ who have recently had an internet hit with ‘Peter & Nanna’ (youtube.com/peterandnanna) within which I played an integral part…
    I also have a wide interest in history & the arts which could help if anyone asks questions (before I shake a gnarled stick at them of course!!) so please, send me the information about this project for application
    Many Thanks,
    Matt Bowden

  28. p.s I could get a small film crew together if you are interested in making a doc, or just keeping it for posterity!!!

  29. I would be very interested in this project if it is still available.

  30. I saw this on the news too and wanted to know more..

  31. Hello, I am also interested in the project. I’m from the U.S., have studied English Literature and Physical Anthropology, and I also paint, knit, spin yarn, and am a digital photographer.

  32. What a wonderful idea…please send me the brief.

  33. sounds like a real great opertunity to realy do something unique with my god givin talents …i am an artist with many mediems from paint …pencil clay etc …sculting carving inerior designs …you name it can almost take anything and make something out of it …this would be a great opertunity to creat what i would like not what clients want ..well send me a brief please …thanks yvon

  34. Dear David Gelsthorpe,
    this could be one of the most exciting projects I’ve heard about in a very long time.
    I have a BA Hons in Fine art, I studied at the University of Cumbria, I now live in London and I am a practising artist, singer/songwriter, performance artist and poet.
    I believe I am the perfect candidate for this project as my work looks at the human experience through reflection of placement in a public or private environment.
    My work has been made, displayed, and inspired by the countryside, the city and town environments impact upon the artist and the artistic output which those experiences create.
    Please could send you send me an application and a brief please.
    PS Quirky/ecentric are words very often used to describe myself and my work.
    Thanks hoping to work with you soon.
    All the best
    Stew Simpson

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