Darwin’s Big Birthday Bash

We are all getting very excited about Darwin’s birthday here at the museum.

Darwins Finches at The Manchester Museum

Darwin's Finches at The Manchester Museum

We have a fantastic Big Birthday Bash on the 14th of February, to kick off our Darwin Festival.

Lots of things will be happening all round the museum including, rare opportunities to see Darwin specimens, fossils, live animals  and live music. The museums experts will be on hand to talk about their passion for Darwin.

Activities will be for all ages (including adults) and will start from 11am. Hope to see you there!

Keep an eye out for our Darwin exhibition in the autumn.


6 Responses

  1. http://www.darwin200.org/ has a list of all the events and activities throughout the year.

    It’s important to mark this, although I agree with Steve Jones that we can over-state the importance of Darwin, to the detriment of what evolution actually tells us now.

    Anyway, I’m giving a talk on Darwin, at Bolton Museum, Feb 12th at 1. Free tea and coffee!

    (apologies for the gratuitous plug!)

    • Fair point, but it is a fantastic opportunity to talk about how amazing the natural world is. Darwin helped us understand how everything fits together and laid the foundations for your understanding of things such as genetics and the significance of plate tectonics.

  2. Absolutely. Darwin’s genius was the ability to draw on the work of thousands (literally) of other people’s work and draw it all into one coherent science.
    And his associates and followers established the need for professional, trained scientists, which is the only reason you and me are here today. In the 19th Century, we’d both have had to join the clergy or be doctors!

  3. Contact Theatre celebrates Darwin’s bicentenary with Bent Architect’s Darwin’s Worms next Wed 18 & Thu 19 March.

    More at http://www.contact-theatre.org/whats-on/events/482/darwins-worms.htm

  4. Any idea on dates for the exhibition in Autumn?

    • ‘Darwin, evolution of a scientist’ is due to open early October. It should be a really exciting exhibition.

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