Mystery fossil

We have just got a specimen out of the stores and we are not really sure what it is. Any ideas?

'Footprint track way' from Tintwistle

'Footprint track way' from Tintwistle

It first first recorded in the museum in1893 and is from the Carboniferous rocks about 320 million years ago from Tintwistle, near Glossop.

When you first look at it it looks like a footprint trackway, but a very odd one. If you look closely the sediment pushed out by the ‘footprint’ is all at one end of the ‘print’ and not at the sides as you might expect. It more closely fits something digging out a small hole. It is just a shame there weren’t any rabbits in the Carboniferous! See Flickr for some more images.

Any ideas let me know.


3 Responses

  1. Not a clue what it is, but I’d be interested to know if you have any more details about whereabouts in Tintwistle it was found.

    The following paper says Rhodes Wood, but I don’t know of it.

    • Hello Paul,
      The ‘trackway’ came into the museum in 1895 and was found at Rhodes Wood Quarry by Binney. That’s about all we know, sorry.

  2. This was found by Mr Rhodes in 1847, about a quarter of a mile from Hatfield station. Originally there were many more ‘footprints’ but I think they got damaged or were lost. The specimen caused quite a stir at the time and The Manchester Geological Society held a meeting where a paper was presented, Novemeber 1845. If you require more details please let me know.

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