Hot stuff at the Manchester Museum

I’m sure everyone is enjoying the lovely weather, but spare a thought for the Manchester Hermit looking out over the city.

His project is in full swing. He has started to select an object a day and is questioning their value. Would we care if they disappeared altogether? So far his objects have included a human skull, a moquito and a cupboard containing ‘unlocated African objects’. This has started throwing up  questions about why we have our collections and who should have a voice in telling their stories. See what you think and add your thoughts.

The other exciting thing I’ve done was go to the opening of the new museum at Creswell Crags. We’ve loaned them lots of fantastic fossils that help tell the story of the last Ice Age. Most of them have not been back to Creswell since they were found 100 years ago.

One of the best bits was going on a tour to see the only cave art in Britain. The 12,000 year old etchings show a stag, a bird and a buffalo. Absolutely incredible and right in our back yard. Go and see it if you can!


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