Darwin exhibition opens tomorrow

Our fantastic new Darwin Exhibition opens tomorrow!

Charles Darwin: evolution of a scientist

Charles Darwin: evolution of a scientist

The exhibition called Charles Darwin: evolution of a scientist follows Darwin’s amazing life and discoveries.

His ideas are illustrated with an incredible array of objects, many of which Darwin collected himself on his travels.

The exhibition forms part of our year long Darwin festival which includes a range of public events, talks and exhibitions.


3 Responses

  1. I’ve just had a brief chat with Henry McGhie with regards to the excellent position statement of the museum on evolution.

    My constructive comment is this:
    Given that science is sometimes deliberately misrepresented by those with a religious agenda, would not the insertion of the words ‘non-random’ immediately before ‘natural selection’ have offered a clear and immediate counter to those who wish to pedal the ‘how can life and new species come about in such a random fashion’ nonsense?

    The line would then read ‘….random mutation and non-random natural selection…’

    and thus make it abundantly clear to the vast majority of the general public – who are not terribly knowledgeable on the topic of evolution – that a significant part of the evolutionary process is indeed non-random.

    It might even be suggested that by leaving out the words ‘non-random’ that you are denying your visitiors a vitally important part of the story of evolution.
    (You have after all explained the word ‘theory’ extremely well within it’s scientific context).

    Perhaps those who were the decision-makers with regard to the original statement might care to have another look to see if my suggestion has merit.

    Kind regards,

    David Milne.

  2. Hello Mr. Milne- I remember our discussion yesterday. As you say, natural selection is of course a non-random process and that was what we meant when we put the wording of the statement together. I am sorry that you havn’t felt that this comes across clearly enough as that is certainly what was intended. Evolution happens as a combination of random processes- genetic mutation and drift- and non-random processes- natural selection. The position statement has been signed off institutionally and was put together with a number of academic colleagues from various parts of The University of Manchester. I hope that the above explanation helps make our position clear.

  3. Interesting post as for me. I’d like to read a bit more concerning this theme.

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