Palaeontology International Rescue (well Wigan anyway) – Part 2

David Green and I have just got back from Wigan and Leigh College geology museum. There are quite literally just days before the museum closes and the collection disappears.

We collected about 100 fossils, particularly things like graptolites, Solnhofen fossils and trilobites, all things we will be able to use in the museum for things like education, exhibitions and public handling. Some of the collection will be taken to the World Museum Liverpool in the next few days and it is looking like a couple of the schools in the region will take much of the rest of the material. We met the geology teacher form Altringham Boys Grammar today, who had come to look at what they might be able to use there. A group from Altringham Boys Grammar have previously been the museum to do our A-level geology workshops, so it was good to see a familiar face.

So it looks like the vast majority of the fossils will be going to good homes. Excellent news!

Trilobite trackway

The next job is to sort through the material we have rescued and find a home for each of the specimens. Look out for some of these fossil in the coming months.


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