Cockroach adventures in St Petersburg

One of our specimens has just arrived back from a trip to St. Petersburg in Russia!

This spectacular fossil shows two large cockroaches preserved in copal (an immature form of amber). It is originally from Colombia and is around 2 million years old.

Dmitri Logunov (our Curator of Entomology) offered to take it to one of his colleagues (Dr. Leonid Anisyutkin) at The Russisn Academy of Sciences in St. Petersburg so that the cockroaches could be identified.

Dr. Anisyutkin, is a renowned expert on cockroaches and was able to identify them as Euphyllodromia cf. angustata. Unfortunately it isn’t a new species, but he is still going to publish his results. He could also tell the cockroaches were female, which is nice to know!

We hope to get this specimen out in one of our public programmes in the near future. I’ll let you know.


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