Health Rocks at The Manchster Museum

We had a great event at the museum last night to mark the end of several projects about mental health wellbeing and using the collections to enrich people’s lives.

Over the summer, we worked in partnership with Start (an award-winning NHS arts-base mental health service) to explore the benefits to mental health of the galleries and geology collections.

The course led to a selection of artworks made by the Health Rocks course participants, and a wellbeing trail. The artworks, along with some of the objects that inspired them can be seen in a brand new display on the Rocks and Minerals gallery.

The wellbeing trail focuses on five objects from the Pre-historic and Rocks & Minerals galleries and invites people to think about the objects and what they mean to them.

These are some great additions to the gallery and it is truly inspiring when you see what a difference museum objects can make to people’s lives.


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