Lost 1876 watercolour of Creswell Crags rediscovered

I had a really exciting day yesterday as I rediscovered a lost water colour painting of Creswell Crags from 1876.

I had only ever seen a black and white reproduction of this picture in a 1966 paper (Jackson, J.W. 1967. Sir William Boyd Dawkins (1837–1929): A biographical sketch. Cave Science, 5(39) for 1966:397–412). We had more or less come to the conclusion it had been lost.

This image is extremely important as it is one of the only visual records of the time when Creswell Crags was originally excavated. The water colour was painted by Reverend J. Magens Mello who, alongside William Boyd Dawkins of Manchester Museum, made many of the most important discoveries at Creswell.

Creswell Crags is one of the most important sites that records the early human occupation of Britain and transformed our understanding of how humans evolved in Britain in the last Ice Age.
We have recently loaned some of our spectacular fossils from this site to Creswell Crags Museum which is well worth a visit.


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  1. Like you, I’ve only seen the B&W repro of that image. You’ll have to come and show me the original.

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