Amazing Creswell Crags Cave art!

Bryan (the Curator of Archaeology) and I went to Creswell Crags last week to meet staff from other museums who have fossils from this important site. It was a fantastic day which included lectures on the latest research and a tour of the caves to see the cave art.

The cave art is about 13,000 years old and is the only known cave art in the UK. Creswell is on the northern fringes of where early humans could survive in Europe, so is a key site in understanding the early occupation of Britain and climate change in the last Ice Age.

Here’s the first of the three clips, an amazing reindeer:


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  1. […] more information on the caves, and the cave art at Creswell, check out David Gelsthorpe’s post of his recent visit. Figure 2: The caves at Creswell are very atmospheric; a perfect setting for a good storytelling! […]

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