National Museum of Scotland visit

Hello everyone, not done a post in a little while as I’ve been really busy with things for the new Nature’s Library gallery which will open in spring next year. Exciting stuff!

As part of the research for the new displays I’m visiting a few museums to see what they’ve been up to recently. I started off with the National Museum of Scotland‘s fabulous new displays.

What I really liked:

  • beautiful object rich displays, with spectacular objects (especially the taxidermy)
  • Objects on open display, with ‘find out more’ touch-screens
  • object rich mineral cases that let the visitors get really close to what they are looking at
  • bite size story lines on panels inside the cases
  • the simple way the objects were mounted on rods that came out the back of the cases
  • the mix of objects from different collection areas in the cases

Well worth a visit next time you are in Scotland!


One Response

  1. The Scots have a enormous amount of history and only a tiny fraction is housed within this great establishment. Its also free, so absolutely no excuses not to visit if you ever find yourself with a free hour or so in Edinburgh

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