Introducing Sisyphus, our brand new Ichthyosaur!

DSC08119 DSC08120 DSC08118Sisyphus is an ichthyosaur collected by Howard Turner from the beach at Port Mulgrave, near Whitby.

This amazing specimen is named by Howard after the ancient Greek legend of the man who was punished by the Gods and was cursed for eternity to roll a boulder up a mountain. Howard felt an affinity with this after dragging the fossil back to his car before months of delicate preparation.

It is an amazing addition to the collection, which I hope to put on display very soon.


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  1. Reblogged this on PalaeoMud and commented:
    A bit jealous that I didn’t find anything like this when I visited Port Mulgrave last summer. It’s an odd site, dominated by the high Jurassic rock cliffs and the old drift mine and rather damaged harbour. There are also some fairly active slope movements which rather distracted me. A large rockfall cone is present on the southern part of the bay and there is a landslip of softer material in the middle (where the steep path is…).

  2. […] session with  their curator of Earth Sciences, David Gelsthorpe and he will be talking about their Ichthyosaur fossil. Their fossil is a new addition to their museum this year and I am hoping he maybe able to tell me […]

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