Revealing new pictures of Percy discovery

I got a very exciting e-mail yesterday form Alan Heywerth who was there when our plesiosaur Percy, was discovered by Manchester University students in 1960. He has sent me some amazing , never seen before images of when it was discovered.


Whitby 1960cWhitby 1960a

Here’s what Alan said about the discovery:

As I recall, the student who first spotted it sticking out of the rock thought it was a belemnite phragmocone and was going to whack it with his hammer when Fred Broadhurst, very fortuitously, stopped him. ‘



Whitby 1960b


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  2. I was on the same trip and Prof. Deer only sent us to Whitby because he thought we had too much emphasis on petrology – he was right but he got more than he bargained for. As I recall the event Fred Broadhurst was leading from the front as he always did and then some dis-interested petrologist actually wacked the end of the plesiosaur’s snout off as it was protruding from the cliff. This is plainly seen in the photograph in The Guardian in the Department’s driveway after it had been reconstructed. The snout remains were recognised and picked up by Fred’s research assistant who was at the back of the group. I remember him yelling ”’where did you get this from”? Unfortunately I do not remember his name but it wasn’t for him “Percy” might still be in Yorkshire.
    Thank you for the photographs – so many memories – and what a mob!
    I’m the one half way up the rock on the left.
    John Riley
    NW Queensland

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