Zussman visits Howie minerals

IMG_0334I had the privilege of meeting Jack Zussman a couple of weeks ago.

As you may know from my previous posts, we’ve recently acquired Robin Howie’s mineral collection here at the Museum. It is a fantastic collection, but doesn’t have a lot of information with it. Who better to turn to than the last remaining of the famous Deer, Howie and Zussman trio, Jack Zussman?

Jack Zussman, still has an office in the University and was more than happy to help.

It was great to hear his stories about his good friend Robin Howie. My favorite story was about the gemstone talks he used to give: Towards the end of his talk he used to reach under a table and emerge wearing a replica of the crown jewels which he then wore for the rest of the evening. He sounds like a very entertaining man!

Here’s a selection of my favorites from his collection:





Fluorite egg

Fluorite egg

Native Copper

Native Copper


One Response

  1. That opal is spectacular, tempted to make a mineral encrusted crown in honour of Robin Howie, I’ve seen some beautiful coral tiaras but not many raw mineral traditional treasure (if you have let me know)!

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