Where the world ends

Quite chilly in Siberia at the moment!

The ultimate journey around Siberia!

‘I drink because I’m afraid of cold’ – tells me Nikolay, one of the telecom workers who was sent here from Yekaterinburg. ‘I’ve never been to such a cold place before. That’s why I work every day and drink every night.’


I’ve never been to such a cold place as well. I was in Murmansk, which is 3 parallels more northern but I was there in October so didn’t really understand what does it mean to live in Murmansk. As for Salekhard, I went for a stroll today, walked about an hour and felt that I’m getting cold, so I went home to find out that it’s -39C. 



On the way home a man holding a vodka bottle approached me and asked if I want to be photographed on the top of the tall snowdrift. Men here know how to get a lady’s attention.


Salekhard, a lonely island in…

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