Stan the T. rex – A Day in the Life

Stories from the Museum Floor


He’s a big bipedal beast and he lives in Manchester! It is, of course, Stan the T. rex – one of the museum’s most popular exhibits.

At an impressive 13 feet tall (at the hips) and some 40 feet in length, Stan dominates the Fossils Gallery invoking gasps of delight and the odd scream of terror from unsuspecting visitors.

He gets his name from Stan Sacrison, who found his original fossil bones in South Dakota, USA. This amateur palaeontologist and part-time plumber began digging up dino fossils at the age of eight, and became the first person to discover their second T. rex skeleton when he foundDuffy some five years after Stan.

Manchester’s Stan arrived in 2004 and he’s been a major focus of attention ever since with visitors coming from near and far to see him, photograph him, give tours about him and even tie the knot in front of him

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