Brainstorming Siberia

The ultimate journey around Siberia!

Yesterday I was standing on the balcony of my friends apartment and watching the outskirts of Novosibirsk from the 7th floor. It could have been any city in the world – Seoul or Moscow or any other big city.

A child was climbing a huge pile of snow, two construction workers were sitting on a pipe and having a smoke break and a guy with a snowboard was crossing the street as I was thinking of what is Novosibirsk like.


Novosibirsk doesnt try to impress you and you might even not like it at the first bite because it leaves a bit of the soviet era aftertaste. Being the 3rd biggest city in Russia by population it spreads along Ob river covering the territory equal to Seoul, South Korea, or 5 Barcelonas.

It has no great natural resources, or middle aged historical heritage or outstanding nature beauties. How come Novosibirsk…

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