The Adams Mammoth

I thought I’d share some of the great stories we have put in our new Ice Age display. Here’s the first:


The Adams mammoth was discovered in Siberia in 1799. It takes its name from Mikhail Adams a Russian botanist, who retrieved the body.

The fleshy body and thick woolly fleece convinced early nineteenth century naturalists that this animal was adapted to life in the Arctic tundra.

Mammoth bones had also been found in Britain and other parts of temperate Europe. Had Britain once been as cold as Siberia?


Mammoth hair Yakutia, Siberia Russia (purchased 2001)

Thanks to Professor Jamie Woodward who helped put the display together. Find out more in his new book Ice Age VSI

Come and see the new display in the Fossils Gallery, Manchester Museum.

BmiQSj2IIAAXPdF.jpg large


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