Iceland: the sequel

We’re doing lots of planning at the moment for our return trip to Iceland. Rachel Webster and I visited Iceland last September to see some of the world’s best geological sites and meet potential partners.

Iceland Dm

Well I’m delighted to say we are returning in August this year to focus on thematic collecting for the museum. And we are taking Curator of Arthropods Dmitri.

Over the last hundred years or so most museums have collected examples of lots of different things from around the world as if the museums were encyclopedias. We are trying to move away from that idea and collect new objects based on a theme. Last year we trialed this idea on the theme of trees.

Our trip to Iceland will focus on collecting objects, blogs posts, images and videos around:

  • Volcanic environments
  • Making land (how plants and other life colonise new land)
  • Sustainable energy and resource use

These objects and themes will feed into exhibitions, public events and research projects back at Manchester Museum.

We’ll be collecting as much background and contextural information as possible and interviewing a wide range of people whilst we are there, so watch this space to find out more!

Mid-Atlantic ridge graben fault at Pingvellir

Mid-Atlantic ridge graben fault at Pingvellir


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