Dear Reader,

My name is Megan Jones, I am a university student studying photography in my last year of education. I have been lucky enough to collaborate with Manchester Museum, in order to create my final year project. For this project I explored the mineral archives within the Earth Science Department in Manchester Museum. My projects purpose was to open the doors to the hundreds of hidden artefacts that are kept behind the scenes at Manchester Museum. As we all know there is no way that everything can be displayed at the same time so a lot of the artefacts go unseen by the thousands of visitors that come to Manchester Museum.


With over 17,000 minerals in the museums collection I set out photographing as many as possible the projects main intentions were to expose as much as possible therefore I could share the experience I have had exploring the mineral archives. I wanted to push the boundaries that surround museums, how our visits are censored even if we do not realise the museum is deciding what we get to see and what we do not.


By photographing minerals from the archive I have allowed myself to reproduce the minerals taking them out of their intended aura to create something completely different a reproduction with a different importance by it being a photograph this is something that can be reproduced and reproduced time after time in contrast with the originals locked away behind closed doors, therefore the importance of the images is very different in comparison to the minerals within the museum. My aim was to expose these beautiful minerals to the public allowing them to view the museum as I do, a place that people become inspired, mesmerised and captivated by the beauty one building holds.


If anyone would like to see more of my work and my classmate’s final year projects, we would like to invite you all to our exhibitions. Leaf Portland Street Manchester M1 6DW 16th until June 23rd June and also Tuesday 4th July until Saturday 15th July at Stockport War Memorial Art Gallery SK3 8AB.

Thank you or taking the time to read about my project any questions please comment below!


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