We offer several workshops at The Manchester Museum for A-level geology students. The workshops use spectacular examples of fossils from the collection and offer the opportunity for students to engage with experts from the museum.


Fossil drawing master class

Spectacular fossils from the collection are used to develop drawing skills.  Students focus on: trilobites, bivalves and brachiopods. Click here to find out more.

Understanding and interpreting fossils

Students are given an assemblage of fossils to reconstruct past environments. Zone fossils and range diagrams are used to find the age. Click here to find out more.

Dinosaur footprints

Students measure a range of trackways to reconstruct behavior.  Real examples of footprints bring the workshop to life.

Unraveling Quaternary climate change

Students use a range of evidence including fossils, pollen and isotopes to reconstruct the changing environment of the Last Ice Age.

The museum has over 1200 fossils on display and has a range of galleries from Ancient Egypt to Live Animals

Workshops are half day, 3 hours or option for full day, 5 hours. Click here to book and find out about our other workshops


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