The invertebrate Palaeontoogy store

The invertebrate Palaeontology store


This blog is designed to give you a taste of what I do as Curator of Earth Science Collections at The Manchester Museum. The geology collection is full of exciting stories of ancient worlds and intrepid collectors.

I meet lots of interesting people who use the collection, from researchers to children and the issues I have to consider when managing the collection.

Please add your comments and views to any of the posts. It is good to hear what you think.

I regularly get asked what my job involves and what I do day to day. Here are some of the main things I do:

  • Public activities

Big Saturday collection days and handling objects on the galleries

  • Outreach

Taking the collection out to communities, such as the Darwin festival

  • Exhibitions

For example the Darwin exhibition and our research for the new mammals gallery

  • Schools

Leading and developing meet the expert sessions e.g. Geology A-level

  • Research

Helping researchers and artists from around the world to use the collection and loaning them material

  • Tours

Taking people and groups round the gallery and stores

  • Student teaching and university research

Helping teach courses and working with researchers in the university

  • Enquiries

We run a free enquiry service for the public

  • Volunteers

We work with a range of fantastic volunteers who help with the collection and working with the public


6 Responses

  1. Great to see the museum blogging in such a big way. I’ve linked to your blog from our Manchester PG Careers blog, http://manchesterpgcareers.wordpress.com (I’d just posted about heritage/museum careers when I found the museum blogs).

    Any time you write about your own career, how you got into your line of work etc, just let me know and I’d be keen to highlight it (or you could always write a guest post for our career blog later in the year…?)


  2. Hi David,

    Great blog… it’s nice to know that the Manchester palaeontology collection has its own little outpost in the blogosphere!

    Incidentally, I started my Ph.D. at Manchester but transferred to Portsmouth just before you took over as Curator of Palaeontology. I succesfully defended my thesis last Monday and must say that being “doctored” didn’t hurt a bit! Please give my best regards to Dmitri Logunov in Zoology when you see him.

    Cheers, Sam

  3. Great blog david, ive always wondered what a Curator of Palaeontology does!

  4. Dear David
    Many thanks for sharing your time with me today, it was great to meet you and have a tour and talk of the fossil gallery . The fossils I would normally not notice you brought to life, you exquisitely told great facts about many things and my family would agree with me . I now know what to study in high school and I aspire to do my best in all of the subjects .
    We will come back soon to see the new display and I am very excited about the Siberian visitor (fingers crossed 😉 ) .

    Best regards William and family.

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