Visiting Mammoths at North Sea Fossils in Holland

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Snow spiders, shrimps and migration of Ice Age animals

Easter Island statue comes to Manchester – beautiful basalt!

Last Friday, we were delighted to welcome an Easter Island statue to Manchester Museum as part of our Making Monuments on Rapa Nui exhibition which opens on the 1st of April. The statue is on loan from the British Museum.

It’s a giant piece of beautiful basalt. Here’s Bryan Sitch, our Curator of Archaeology talking about its arrival:

Partial solar eclipse over Manchester

David Gelsthorpe:

Some of the best pictures from Manchester Museum this Morning. Thanks Rachel

Originally posted on Herbology Manchester:

The Manchester Museum came to a standstill this morning as the staff stood transfixed watching the partial solar eclipse over Manchester’s cloudy skies. Only a few hours to go until our next spectacle as the British Museum’s Moai Hava arrives from Liverpool World Museum ahead of our next temporary exhibition ‘Making Monuments on  Rapa Nui‘. An exciting day for us all!

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Loving Jake’s Dinopaedia

I wanted to share a lovely Dinosaur  Encyclopaedia  one of our visitors Jake Harty has made. Well done Jake!


Jake has clearly spent load of time putting this together and it contains some great pictures.

Walney Island Deer comes to Manchester Museum



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The Curious Case of the Train that Vanished

David Gelsthorpe:

We had our first meeting about an exciting new meteorite project with the Open University. Hear how we got on:


Originally posted on Meteorites: The Blog from the Final Frontier:

I think we can all agree that trains are pretty big things; they can’t just disappear without trace, surely? But that’s exactly what happened yesterday to the 10.50am service from Milton Keynes to Manchester Piccadilly. I was heading up with my colleague, Diane Johnson, to the Manchester Museum for the first full team meeting of the Catch a Shooting Star project (more about that in a bit). The 10.50 service was clearly marked on our very official looking tickets. We even had assigned seats! Eager to be on our way, we scrutinised the big electronic departures board, but the service had completely vanished! We asked a couple of nearby train officials for news, but neither of them seemed very clear about its fate. Delayed? “Probably.” Cancelled? “Perhaps.” “Keep an eye on the board,” was their best advice. The Virgin Trains official in the smart red coat said there were…

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