Loving Jake’s Dinopaedia

I wanted to share a lovely Dinosaur  Encyclopaedia  one of our visitors Jake Harty has made. Well done Jake!


Jake has clearly spent load of time putting this together and it contains some great pictures.

Walney Island Deer comes to Manchester Museum



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The Curious Case of the Train that Vanished

David Gelsthorpe:

We had our first meeting about an exciting new meteorite project with the Open University. Hear how we got on:


Originally posted on Meteorites: The Blog from the Final Frontier:

I think we can all agree that trains are pretty big things; they can’t just disappear without trace, surely? But that’s exactly what happened yesterday to the 10.50am service from Milton Keynes to Manchester Piccadilly. I was heading up with my colleague, Diane Johnson, to the Manchester Museum for the first full team meeting of the Catch a Shooting Star project (more about that in a bit). The 10.50 service was clearly marked on our very official looking tickets. We even had assigned seats! Eager to be on our way, we scrutinised the big electronic departures board, but the service had completely vanished! We asked a couple of nearby train officials for news, but neither of them seemed very clear about its fate. Delayed? “Probably.” Cancelled? “Perhaps.” “Keep an eye on the board,” was their best advice. The Virgin Trains official in the smart red coat said there were…

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Fantastic new on-line geology course!

I’m delighted to announce the launch of Manchester University’s brand new free Massive Open Online Course (MOOC).

Our Earth: Its Climate, History, and Processes

Much of it is based here at the museum and uses loads of our collection. It’s a great taster for what it’s like to come to The University of Manchester to study geology and what we have to offer here at The Museum.

I hope you enjoy it and let me know what you think.

Migration of people and minerals to Manchester Christmas Market

Russia day five – St Petersburg museums

Yesterday was our final day in St Petersburg. We visited four relatively traditional museums.

First on the list was the State Museum of the History of Religion. They chart the history of religion through the ages. We had a tour from their director who was passionate about what they do.

image image

Next on on the list was The Zoological Museum, it has incredible collections but felt like stepping back in time. It was particularly great to see the baby mammoth Masha which we tried to borrow for our Siberia exhibition.

image image image image image

We we then went to Kunstkamera an anthropology museum.

image image

And finally the Memorial Museum Raznocchinny Petersburg which charts the changing landscape of the city.


Today is our last day in Russia and we’d like to thank everyone we have met. The staff at the British Council have been incredibly helpful and special thanks go to Olga Sinitsyna who put much of the programme together.

Russia day four – St. Petersburg

Yesterday was the first of our two day visit to St. Petersburg, a beautiful city with some fabulous museums and galleries.

We started off with a meeting with colleagues at the UK Trade and Industry offices at the British consulate. We got some real insights into the Russian museum sector and some of the new developments on the horizon in Russia, such as the very ambitious Tomsk science museum which is currently under development.

Our first museum visit was to the Anna Akhmatova Museum, the shared apartment where the poet lived in the 1920s and 1930s.

image image

We had a wonderful tour from their staff who powerfully tell the story of the struggle of the intelligencia after the Russia revolution. It was a real eyeopener and they are doing some amazing work with community engagement through things like film and theatre events.

After that we were off to the State Russian Museum, which houses the finest Russian art.

image image

We we had a quick tour and then a meeting with their deputy director who was able to tell us about some of their work with their visitors such as their ‘beauty before birth’ programme where they work with pregnant women.

Our final museum visit was to the State Museum of Political History. This is an incredible museum that has recently won the best museum in Russia award. It aims to tell the story of political change over the last 150 years or so and achieves this through focussing on choice. At every step of the way different sides of the story are presented and the directions Russia might have turned had things been different.

Interactive audio pen guides

Interactive audio pen guides

Lennin's desk

Lenin’s desk

Janneke selecting possible stock for the People's History Museum shop

Janneke selecting possible stock for the People’s History Museum shop

image image image


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