Reading Nature’s Library

Love fossils and want to help us unlock the treasures of Manchester Museum’s fossil collection, then see if you can record our labels on our  Zooniverse project Reading Natures Library

Manchester Museum has a massive collection of over 4.5 million objects. The labels and objects contain a treasure trove of information.  The information about many of these objects only exists on their labels, hidden away in our storerooms. To fix this we digitising our collection to make it as accessible as possible.

Finding this information is too great a task for us to tackle alone.  We need your help to get the information about our collection into our database so it can be used to help answer fundamental questions about our world and everything that lives in it.

We chose to start with the geology collection, which contains 100,000 fossils and 40,000 rocks and minerals. By transferring the information about our specimens to an online searchable database researchers, educators and the public will be able to find specimens much more easily.

To take part, visit Reading Natures Library and follow the short tutorial to get going with your first image. You can discuss images on Talk and you’ll find us on Twitter (@MuseumInsight and @Paleomanchester)

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