Unlocking the Vault; making the most of scientific collections

Object Lessons Exhibition

Printer friendly timetable and abstracts

Monday 26th June

11:00     Registration in the Kanaris Foyer, Manchester Museum

                Tea, coffee and cake

Session 1: Connecting Collections and Breaking Isolation

11:30   Welcome, Dr David Gelshorpe

11:40   Dr. Cornelia Weber, Coordination Centre for Scientific University Collections in Germany. ‘Back to the Roots: University Collections as Infrastructure for Research and Teaching

12:05   Dr. Tim Boon, Science Museum Group. ‘Science Museum Group Research and the Interdisciplinary Culture of Collections’

12:30   Dr Caroline Cornish, Royal Holloway, University of London. ‘Useful or curious’? Reinventing Kew’s Museum of Economic Botany’

 12:55   Lunch

Session 2: Reaching new audiences

14:00   Mark Carnall, Oxford University Museum of Natural History. ‘Not real, not worth it?’

14:25   Henry McGhie, Manchester Museum.Beyond ‘natural history’: museums for the 21st century’

14:50   Jocelyn Dodd, University of Leicester. ‘Encountering the Unexpected:  natural heritage collections & successful aging’

15:15      Tea, coffee and biscuits

Session 3a: New meanings through art, history and research

15:45   Prof. Yves Winkin, Musée des arts et métiers.  An amateur director, professional curators, and a desire for a cabinet of curiosities

16:10   Dr. Marjan Scharloo, Teylers Museum. ‘Making sense of a historic display: connecting art and science in an authentic setting’


16:45   Close of day sessions and opportunity to explore ‘Object Lessons’ with the exhibition curators on hand to answer questions.


Tuesday 27th June

 9:45     Tea, coffee and pastries. Kanaris Foyer, Manchester Museum

Session 3b: New meanings through art, history and research

10:20   Dr. Martha Flemming, Victoria and Albert Museum. ‘What kinds of things can we do with these things?  Collections-based and material culture approaches for humanities research and creative practice’

10:45   Dr. Laurens de Rooy, Museum Vrolik, Medical and natural history collections as historical objects: a change of perspective?

11:10   Prof. Dirk van Delft, Boerhaave Museum. ‘Real bones for teaching medicine

11:35   Dr Petra Tjitske Kalshoven, The University of Manchester. ‘The manikin in taxidermy: modelling conceptions of nature’.

12:00   Conference closes

Printer friendly timetable and abstracts




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